Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plants and Peoples (and Friends)

There are a few classes that I have to take simply to fill graduation requirements, including classes completely outside of my interest like math and science. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bad at math or science. I willingly took lots of science and math classes in high school. Now though, I prefer the math skills needed to grid a painting or the science abilities necessary to make things in my garage over actual classes.

I am currently finishing up my class, Plants and Peoples, to complete my lab science requirement. I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy the class because, to be honest, four days a week of science did not sound appealing. However, lots of our labs have been field trips to awesome places: Draper’s Apiary, Cornell University, the green roof on the Steele Memorial Library, the USDA site in Big Flats, and a local winery.

The past two weeks we have stayed on campus for lab rather than going on a field trip, but it meant we got to eat and make things! Last week, the lab was about sweeteners and beverages. There were taste test to see if we could identify different teas (including green, twig, oolong…), decide which sweeteners are the sweetest (including Stevia, cane sugar, Splenda…), and tell the difference between chocolate and carob chips.

One day in class, rather than a lecture, we had a mini lab on fibers. After seeing different plants that textiles are made from, we got to spin wool and make rope. Let’s just say that Kelsey and I did pretty well making rope, but we would never make it spinning wool (our sweaters would be pretty lumpy and inconsistent).

Finally, during Tuesday’s lab, we made hand cream and salve. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures in class while we were working… I couldn’t see anyone taking us seriously as we made hand cream wearing safety goggles. After mixing ingredients, heating them, refrigerating them, and then blending in final ingredients, we got to pour them into little jars and take them home.

Even though science isn’t my favorite subject and I couldn’t be a chemistry or biology major, I have learned some awesome things in Plants and Peoples. If the whole art thing doesn’t work, I think I could open a spa… tea, chocolate, lotion, but someone else will have to make the robes…

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Place To Be

This November, Speidel Gymnasium became the stage for two events that I couldn’t miss. OAR made their second appearance to Elmira College by performing this month. The gym transformed from a basketball court with bleachers to a full stage with dozens of lights and speakers. Even though I only know a few OAR songs, the concert was a lot of fun. My friends and I arrived as the opening act was finishing. We listened to their last song and waited while the stage was prepped for OAR. Eventually they came on stage and began playing. I attempted to get a picture of the concert, it turned out a little blurry, but I will still share it with you.

Last Thursday, Speidel was the center of EC spirit as the basketball season kicked off with Hoops Hysteria. Men’s and Women’s basketball teams came out to show off their skills on the court. The EC cheerleaders and dance team made sure the crowd was ready to cheer on the teams. As a bonus, there were free t-shirts and raffle items including a flat screen tv and tickets to a Bills game. The amazing picture is courtesy of Amanda LeBoeuf ’13 who graciously helped me out after I accidentally deleted everything my memory card.

It's less than one week until Thanksgiving Break and I am looking forward to going home and catching up on sleep. When I return I will be ready for Holiday Weekend!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Midterm is Over (Part 2) and Now it is November?

To fill in just a little more of EC this fall…. which includes a lot of art!

There have been two art exhibits so far. This first was the student show which showcased photography, paintings, drawings and a few sculptures. Art majors along with students who are currently taking art classes were able to display their work for Parent’s Weekend. The Friday of Parent’s Weekend was the Phi Eta

Sigma Induction. I am not usually someone who likes long induction ceremonies, but there was also dinner and it was a nice night of mingling with faculty, students, and visiting parents.

Also that weekend, parents were able to attend a comedy show, go to the dinner dance, and just spend time with their children. I took this visit from home as a way to see my parents and get some much need fall weather clothes!

The George Waters Gallery is currently featuring the sculptures and painting of David Hayes. His paintings are the layouts for his sculptures, although they can stand alone as abstract paintings. I enjoyed the bold colors that Hayes combined with organic and geometric shapes in his work. So check it out before the show closes!

So on a side note: I am starting to use shuttercal again to document things that happen while I am at EC, to add a little beauty to your day, and just generally show things around campus.

I will be starting today and will have a new image up each day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midterm is Over?? (Part I)

Hey Everyone! Well, I have survived the first six weeks of fall classes at Elmira College. So here is a glimpse of all the things that have made up those weeks!

First, I moved in! Which may not sound like a daunting task, but after last year and the army of Orientation Leaders to help all of the freshmen move in, the numerous trips from the car to my room on the third floor made for a long morning.

Once the unpacking and organizing was done I made sure to visit all my friends. One of my favorite things about college is the anticipation of seeing all my friends after being away all summer. Unlike in high school, my friends are from all over the country which made visiting during the summer difficult but also made finally getting to see them all the more exciting. (Which might be why after a summer of getting hours and hours of sleep, my first night back I only got five hours…)

In contrast to the thrill of seeing my friends, I also knew that being back at Elmira meant demanding classes and early mornings.

This term I am taking five classes: Painting, Figure Drawing, Photography, and Art History, and the final class Plants and Peoples to fulfill my lab science requirement. These classes have claimed a monopoly on my time but it is worth it because I get to create art that I love.

In free time I have been going to events that happen on campus and the surrounding areas…

This year a record was set for Elmira College when Dr. Meier was awarded us a Mountain Day after one night of singing!

The following weekend, I celebrated my birthday by adventuring to Ithaca for Porchfest, a festival throughout various neighborhood where different local bands and musicians play from yards and porches to the crowds.

Also related to music, coming up on November 2nd OAR is coming to Elmira College to perform. It should be a fun concert to go to, especially because it isn’t often that I get to see big name performers in a small place like the Elmira gymnasium. I will be sure to include a review of the show here.

There’s a taste of my fall at EC, more will follow soon!